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Jaguar Quickbuild E-Type Jaguar (Vol 37, Issue 441, December 2007, page 21)

No Images This is the full article as originally intended for inclusion in this magazine issue; however, beyond my control the editor’s limitations resulted in such severe cuts that the shortened article (only half-page), means that this particular Back Issue may not be a worthwhile purchase.

With Images (Quite Large – 27 MB). Disappointed with the word-count and restricted images actually printed, I reassembled the original article (same text as above) with images, as a one-off print for the owner of the real car to receive….we have it here for you too, as a special treat (permission granted).

A Year in the Life of an F1 Modeller (Vol 37, Issue 441, December 2007, pages 42-43)

Forum Post re Telford Modelsport 2008, – a fantastic photo summary of the principal models on show with comments. My contributions appear right at the end – I was very pleased and surprised by really kind comments.

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