Photobox photobooks, no more!

As of July 1st 2024, Photobox has replaced their editing program completely and all past photobooks have now been deleted. Photobox allowed just sufficient time for me to complete another title and take advantage of being able to save previous ‘creations’ as pdf’s and print any others that were required.

So now, it is sadly no longer possible for anyone to view or re-order the following titles from Photobox. MRO F1 Engineering – The First Twenty Years, Vol 1 Hesketh 308 (1975), Vol 2 McLaren M23 (1974 and 1976) and Vol 4 McLaren M19C (1972).

However, I have a small number of each title priced at £85 + P&P and the initial batch of re-published Vol 1 Hesketh 308 (1975) by Track Limits at £30 + P&P. It is hoped (but not promised) that over the years, the other three titles will gradually be re-published by Track Limits at a more economic price point. Thank you for your support.

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