My encounter with Valentino Rossi

I have recently returned from Spa Francorchamps where the 24hours of Spa were contested for the GT3 series of cars, whose star draw is the one and only Valentino Rossi!

Valentino retired from MotoGP at the end of 2021 and became a member of the W Racing Team in January 2022 with the future developing ambition perhaps, of competing in and maybe even winning the Le Mans 24 hours. With his WRT team GT3 BMW, he and his one or two teammates have been giving a good account of themselves, notably winning at Misano last year.

I have had an increasing appreciation of motorcycles and some aspects MotoGP in recent years following certain models and art I have had access to and this particular piece of art is a part of that journey of understanding.

With my local church praying for us, against all human expectation I set out on an ambitious adventure with one of my twin sons, to see if we could meet and ask Valentino to sign an original artwork on behalf of the artist. I wrote an account of this within a few days of returning last weekend, so it’s hot off the cerebral press so to speak and if you would like to read an illustrated pdf account from my faith point of view, please request via and I can send this 65MB article via We Transfer to your chosen email address.

The 18 page account was written in pages on my Mac and manoeuvring photographs and text past each other was tricky to say the least, so it’s not an expert presentation by any means, but merely an account recorded while meaningful recollections were still vivid, an approach I can highly recommend. This document may form the basis of a more conventional photobook in the future, possibly via Track Limits.

The original account is sincere and truthful from the heart, however if you should prefer an abridged version that minimises the faith aspect to this remarkable experience, please ask.

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