“Let building begin!”, Tyrrell 006

After nearly two years (Oct 2009) making all the parts for this Tyrrell 006 in 1/12 scale, all but the last few parts have been completed. So, this week, grey-primered parts and the aluminium and brass parts made on the lathe, were photographed together before committing to apply final colour to everything except the bodywork. All but the engine block, wheels, tyres and steering wheel have been effectively scratch-built, often with God’s help to keep going through various pain barriers and not to give up. I have counted approximately 170 sub-assemblies, many of which are made up of many parts themselves, the rear wing for instance contains sixty individual parts, so I estimate the total number of parts is perhaps in excess of 1000.

A total of nineteen new photographs have been added, including those of the recent ‘energy-sapping effort’ in making the first of two rear wings (approx one month’s work); this includes a hinged adjustable rearmost flap.

Other photos show the main group of painted parts making up the entire car except for, the as-yet unpainted bodywork. This enables me to begin assembling the parts in the coming couple of months pending fine-tuning of fit, for every part will now need detail painting and edge preparation before they will again come together (after their original dry-fit during the grey primer stage); this concern will involve the rear wing hinge particularly, so I await with interest if I can maintain this as a working hinge.

The painting challenges have and will include replicating chrome (Alclad chrome alone isn’t sufficiently robust to stand ‘handling’ during the building process), the blue (having obtained the original 1970’s paint code) and finally incorporating the precious decals (so hard-won earlier in the year) under lacquer if possible, (successful trials having been conducted in my workshop this week).

Estimated completion time for this 1973 006/2, is a further four to six months.

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