British Racing Mechanics (BRM) annual dinner

I was very kindly invited to attend the BRM annual dinner on Jan 26th by Neil Trundle (McLaren) and Tony Mantle (BRM Chairman). This was a real treat and privilege with my hosts offering great generosity in looking after me, along with the club members and guests showing genuine interest in the results of my model making work.
It was Neil’s idea to offer this opportunity to put my models on display and invited me to take part in a presentation from the lectern. This was in the form of a double-act between myself and Doug Nye, Motorsport journalist. Whilst we ran through a series of period photographs and those of my models during and after building, a question and answer session between Doug and I formed the bulk of an explanation as to the ‘how’ and ‘why’, these models came into being.
Emphasis was on the unique nature of the choices modelled, the great lengths I go to ensure accuracy and that ‘just-right’ look, the research and eccentric effort to achieve an end result. I took along the Matras MS10 and 11, my Lotus 49 (R1 GLTL, Jarama), a McLaren M19C, the Tyrrell 006 and a brace of Brabhams (BT44 and 44B).
The meal was very enjoyable and the immediate company around our table was fascinating, enabling me to make new friends, acquire some new contacts and generally become educated as to the world of real mechanics. I was very fortunate to be sat next to one of the mechanics (Preston Anderson) who looked after John Watson’s 4th place Hexagon Brabham BT44 at the Osterreichring in 1974 – remember that? In addition, Preston was most helpful, amongst others also, in helping me unpack and pack away all the cars and their associated bits and pieces. In the background, ran a selection of films from the 50’s taken from Doug Nye’s ‘Motorfilms Quarterly’, chosen to feature the career of Tony Brooks, present as the Guest of Honour and who presented the 2012 trophies to the winners of various mechanic-related awards. Tony was available for discussion and autograph signing whilst opening the eyes of those of my generation, to the bravery and skill of 1950’s Grand Prix racing.
I wish to express my thanks to Neil Trundle, Tony Mantle and all present for making me feel very welcome.
There will be a few photographs appearing on Twitter (mrof1models) for you to enjoy and get a flavour of the event, so watch ‘that’ space over the next week or so.

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