McLaren MP4/2C

Last week, McLaren’s Neil Trundle (working with the team’s historic collection), very kindly welcomed me for a superficial examination of the MP4/2C’s early execution of Carbon Fibre. This will help me restore the 1/12 Protar MP4/2C I built when the model first came out. Since then, CF decals have become common, albeit of a more advanced CF than the 1986 car often used. There are good photos of the MP4/2C with bodywork removed already on the Internet, so without removing bodywork we worked out the types of CF used, as best we could.
After this, Neil gave me a modern CF tutorial, which compared very well with that process described by Nigel Macknight in 1993 in his excellent book featuring the building of the Lola BMS Ferrari Grand Prix car driven by Michele Alboreto (The Modern Formula 1 Race Car (Motorbooks International), ISBN 0-87938-823-4

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