2nd Photobook, – McLaren M19C.

I have recently finished my latest 60 page Photobook, which is volume 4 in the series relating to the 1972 McLaren M19C model, in 1/12 scale –  follow this link to view the McLaren M19C, 1972 Photobook. This covers the real cars in action, researching the real cars ahead of manufacture of the monocoque, cockpit, engine/gearbox, safety systems, aerodynamic surfaces and nose-section, suspension and several galleries of pictures.

Dealing with the models in chronological order of when they were built, volume 1 to 3 will cover the Hesketh 308, McLaren M23’s and Matras MS10/11, then volumes 5 to 7 the Brabhams BT44 and 44B, the Lotus 49 and then the Tyrrell 006.

With one of the McLaren 50th Anniversary celebration events fast approaching in mid September, it was necessary for me to bring volume 4 into existence first, although I had hoped also to produce that for the McLaren M23’s, however I ran out of time and have been concentrating on a restoration of the 1986 McLaren MP4/2C for the same event.

Although I hope folk will wish to purchase copies of my first photo book MRO F1 Engineering – the first twenty years, (of which I have a dozen or so copies for supply at discounted cost of £70 excl P&P) I wanted to complete the work for each model by writing a detailed account of how they were made, for my own collection and for others’ curiosity. Therefore, whilst it would be marvellous if any of the individual volumes were of interest and purchased (I am happy to supply if asked), that was not the original rationale for their production.

Please feel free to post comments for constructive criticism to ‘improve the breed’.

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