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Signed copies of ‘MRO F1 Engineering – The First Twenty Years’ are now available!

To purchase a copy from Photobox:
These can be purchased direct from Photobox either at their current standard price or one can wait for their periodic photobook offers. The typical price including usual add-ons can be in the region of £80-£90.

Alternatively, unsigned or signed numbered copies (limited to 50 copies), can be purchased directly from myself at a discounted rate for £70 excl P & P. I have pre-purchased several copies at a small discount and am passing this on, perhaps making it easier and more straightforward to get a copy to you. For further details, see the brightly coloured banner on the home page. In this way, I invite you to have your own personal copy, giving a fascinating, unique insight into twenty years of exclusive 1/12 scale Formula One model making.

This account is unique and full of variety as the models take their place side by side with relevant Formula One personalities, each of them having shown genuine kindness and enthusiasm for the miniature representations of cars they either designed, raced or worked on. The subjects modelled are often themselves unique in that they are not represented by commercial kit manufacturers and so 1/12 scale models of these cars will have been rarely, if ever seen. Anyone familiar with model manufacturers Tamiya, Protar, Heller etc are in for a treat as Formula One racing cars never seen before in this scale, appear alongside more well known examples.

Additionally, these models increasingly demonstrate the engineering which was so skilfully conceived and packaged with such concise integration by such as Colin Chapman, Derek Gardner, Gordon Murray and Gordon Coppuck, almost being an art in itself. The book necessarily celebrates the wide variety of design concepts which flourished in the 1960’s and 70’s, equally striving to maximise speed and reliability along with a well-handling car, able to do justice to a champion driver’s talent and determination to win the Drivers World Title. In order to achieve this, I have spent countless hours with these Grand Prix winners during restoration, the kindness of their owners and those to whom the car has been entrusted, is very much appreciated – measurement, drawing and photographs forming my Instruction Manual.

Furthermore, the unsung heroes, the mechanics were also sought out, each contributing memories, opinions and expressing abundant nostalgic pleasure in being re-united with their ‘charges’ from so many years ago. Without exception, each of these mechanics showed generous enthusiasm for these “14 inch wonders” and were able to lend further anecdotal gems of information to enhance the product. Those that I have met over the years, represent all mechanics to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude for making it all possible, so that the champions of their day are able to continue in their fame.

Going forward, the book and its subject matter have given me privileged access into places and amongst motor racing folk I would never have otherwise had the pleasure and honour to be amongst. For this I thank God and am very grateful and wish therefore to share some of this experience by making the book available to any that should wish to own a copy, having either seen a few still photos, or viewed it page by page electronically via Photobox. The Photobook is approximately 50/50 photo and explanatory text covering 70 pages, typically with two photos per page. It is hoped to follow this edition with a second when sufficient new material justifies. There is also a group of volumes being worked on currently, one per car, where volumes 1 to 7 so far have been identified with volume 4 already having been written (1972 McLaren M19C). There is an explanatory article which is accessible via the home page, giving some further description and hopefully some photographs.

By clicking on the coloured banner on the home page, or searching via ‘Published Works’ on the interactive Menu bar, the book can be accessed via links prepared by my son Thomas. There you have the option of purchasing the book directly from Photobox or from myself, having acquired copies at small discount to pass on and for optional signing. My other son Philip has made Twitter a reality for me, enabling a rich sequence of photos with descriptive text possible. This started with and mainly relates to the 1973 Tyrrell 006 build (Tweets from 24th Aug 2011 to 27th Aug 2012), a truly unique model, five cars in one with removable and interchangeable bodywork, driver/race number changes all possible etc.
To purchase a copy from Photobox:
These can be purchased direct from Photobox either at their current standard price or one can wait for their periodic photobook offers. The typical price including usual add-ons can be in the region of £80-£90.

Otherwise (and especially if you wish to have a signed numbered copy), contact Mark via and I can arrange to send you a copy for £70 excl P&P; please supply destination in initial email re postage estimation. I look forward to helping you out.

Thank you for looking at the book; the more you look, the more you see!

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