1975 Hesketh 308 Video

With recent publication of another photoboook, MRO F1 Engineering Volume 1: Hesketh 308 (1975), it’s an appropriate time to release a short four minute video I made of the car during restoration in June 1998 (308/2).
I hope the limited views whilst walking around this iconic car supply a little inspiration to supplement the still photographs of the car taken at BS Fabrications, some of which are shown in the book. Other photographs in the book are of the same chassis during a later rebuild fifteen years later in preparation for entering the car for the 2014 Monaco Historic Grand Prix (WDK Motorsport). There are are also many photographs of the model I made in 1998/9 before I had access to the real car, such that by the time I did have access to it via BS Fabrications only the details of the car could be incorporated into the model. With later models, more complete access to the car was relied-upon before starting the model. Other photographs of the actual car in competition, on display and demonstration runs appear in the photobook, all fully supported by explanatory text, the theme running through the book being the racing life and subsequent years, exclusively of 308/2.  Hesketh 308/2 will be remembered for its Grand Prix win at the hands of James Hunt in the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort and in the photo book this momentous event is celebrated by a visit to Lord Alexander Hesketh in the autumn of the year 2000. I hope you find the photobook enjoyable and well supported by this video!

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