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The Menu item, ‘For sale’, has been added today in order to find new homes for artworks, books and models. The purpose is to share them with others, generate a little space and provide exit strategies and ensure progress with the actual work of model race car building. Hopefully, model building will resume increasingly when I find the opportunity and right time to stop work completely. It’s true that since 2012 when the 1/12 Tyrrell 006 was completed, too many requirements of the current era have demanded the time which I used to be able to carve out for Formula One modelling in 1/12 scale – apologies for that, I hope we can do better in future.

In recent months and across the past year or two, I have found only just enough time to work on a pair of Matra 1/12’s to fill important gaps (did Jackie Stewart really drive an MS11?, if so which one. Wouldn’t it be great to complete the Matra MS11 series with their launch car raced at Monaco 1968). If so, the evolution of the car from Monaco, to Holland and finally to the British Grand Prix in 1/12 scale would demonstrate the varied proactive engineering evolution that Matra undertook and perhaps that which caught the eye of Ken Tyrrell when he was looking for a chassis in 1969. These models are only part complete not surprisingly. I am also working on a longterm project re a Lotus 49 (GLTL) in 1/8 scale and have recently tackled several Vanwall cars for both 1957 and 1958, in 1/18 scale – wow, the SMTS offering (limited to a curbside only), is very good in my opinion. Additionally, for the last two years, I have been working on a special photobook focussing on the mid 50’s Maserati 250F by a very talented engineer who has crafted this miniature replica. This has taken a great deal of research time and is only one third to half complete.

Finally and to the point, adding text descriptions of items ‘For Sale’ will only find their way on to the list slowly and photographs of each will only follow in several months when I have opportunity to resize, upload etc which requires the help of Thomas my very capable son (Philip’s twin) who built this site and works in the computer programming world. Thank you for your patience and interest.

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