1973 Tyrrell 006/2, in 1/12 scale

To see how this virtually scratch-built model is coming along, take a look at my Twitter page. You can also click on the Twitter icon on the RHS of the menu bar.

I tweet a lot of photos to do with the progress of the car and it’s the fastest and easiest way to see what I’ve been up to. There is a Recent Images link on the left hand side, on that there are around 160 photos.

The model is at least 75% complete and having spent two years making all the parts, I am now about nine months into the build, which still requires new parts making, plus the finishing/perfecting ‘fit’ of the parts already made, so plenty of work to be done along the way. This is the most comprehensive 1/12 model I have built to date, where extensive use of a lathe and mill have been made. Some parts have been subcontracted out for resin casting after I made patterns and I have had decals made professionally, but otherwise, it has been a totally handmade project (whilst accepting that a Tamiya DFV engine block, wheels and tyres are being used). I hope it is enjoyable to study and compare with Amalgam’s 1/8 model, the Model Factory Hiro 1/20 multi-media kit and shortly to be released, Truescale’s 1/18 scale die-cast model of Sir Jackie Stewart’s winning car at the Nurburgring in 1973, contributing to his Drivers Championship that year. It is intended that my model is adaptable for early, mid and late season variations and also to allow for representation of Francois Cevert’s drives in mid season. I hope to complete the model mid to late summer this year. Thank you to all those who have helped along the way and shown enthusiastic support.

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