Tyrrell 006/2, in 1/12 completed!

This iconic 1/12 model is now finished and pictures appear on my Twitter ; the Twitter icon also appears on the right of the menu bar for fast access whilst on other pages.

The fully detailed monocoque is equipped with removable deformable bodywork, on which the sidepods can be fitted. I have made two sets of sidepods for this model, namely those which were used in the early Grands Prix, Monaco being chosen for this model. These sidepods represent the full rear deck, including louvres over the engine/exhausts and accompany the cockpit surround that features the mirrors on the usual long support stays. Additionally, the airbox is characteristic being depicted with ‘elf’ logo lower down on the body of the airbox, the upper air-intake at that stage of the season being completed in an unfinished semi-matt blue fibreglass. The airbox has an aerodynamic tail, which was originally developed for the earlier 005 where the rear wing was positioned further forward. For early races such as Monaco, the rear wing end plates were rectangular in shape.

Shorter side pods can be substituted for mid season races and the updated airbox with repositioned ‘elf’ logo on the polished air intake and absent aero’ tail, replaces the earlier version. In this setting, the early season cockpit surround remained in use and the rear wing end-plates were exchanged for the rounder profiled shape, used until season end.

The driver names and numbers can be changed and thus four different cars can be presented according to need.


A fifth and final version will be possible later in the year when I hope to re-plumb the removable oil coolers on a beam across the gearbox, representing the car as driven in North America. The second cockpit surround carrying Jackie Stewart’s name is available with its more modern wingmirrors positioned against the cockpit sides, brought into effect in the interest of reduced drag, I understand. For this iteration, the mid-season short sidepods will be removed and a roughly square roundel placed on the rear aspects of the deformable bodywork to carry the race number for the 1973 World Champion driver Jackie Stewart, in his last Grand Prix appearance at Watkins Glen.

To see these pictures, press the Twitter icon on the menu bar, or press the link above.

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