Visit to McLaren!

On the 30th November, I was invited to join Neil Trundle at McLaren to display some of my 1/12 scale models. This followed various communications with Neil over the previous year or so regarding the steady completion of the Tyrrell 006. Last autumn, we met in the pub opposite the factory over lunch (Sands), where the primered parts of 006 were displayed in separated form, ahead of painting and assembly, a process that has since taken over a year. Neil, a former Tyrrell mechanic (007 onwards) who works with the McLaren historic cars (anything over two years old), recommended I bring other examples as well as the Tyrrell 006, which led to this lunchtime presentation in one of McLaren’s refreshment outlets. The 1968 Matras MS10 and 11 were alongside the 1972 McLaren M19C and then the 1973 Tyrrell 006, with the 1974 Brabham BT44 at the end of the row. Initially, they came in ones and twos, then once mobile phone pictures started to be taken the text messages alerted colleagues of the unusual lunchtime entertainment, then things took off. Soon more and more folk came down to see, from young mechanics, to senior marketing men and some of McLaren’s senior staff came by. Many had a chat with me and I had a wonderful lunchtime in an inspiring venue, where everything around me was awesome in its finish and presentation. The M19C was to some extent the star of the show and was later photographed on the car (M19C/1) itself. The other models had similar interest and there was a constant wonderment at each display, giving opportunity for many simultaneous viewings. Having the M19C/1 on the real M19C was a little like Andy Mathews leaving his incredible Williams Fw14B placed on the sidepod of Nigel Mansell’s car and witnessing an increasing stream of admirers coming down to see it, finally Patrick Head himself (see p107 in Andy Mathews book Clear View-F1 FW14B). For a few pictures, see my Twitter output. Thank you Neil!

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