Twitter temporarily static

I have not contributed any Tweets to mrof1models for over a fortnight due to another project taking precedence.
I have at long last found a Photobook program that suits my needs. Having desired to write a Photobook for each of the major models, I felt I should start with an overview of the work. Therefore, I am now 75% completed on a Photobook about all the models and associated experiences, some 60-70 pages long. Shortly (within 2-3 weeks) it will be finalised and depending on review by certain contacts in F1, I will be able to release it for sale through Photobox, hopefully without amendments being needed.
This is an important piece of work that just had to be done and I have waited for several years to find the right program allowing almost unlimited approach and style. As soon as I can, I will get back to the Honda RA300 and carry on. In the meantime, thank you for visiting the site and the Twitter output; much appreciated.

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