Photobox Book now available!

“MRO F1 Engineering, the first twenty years”, my first Photobox photo/text book is now ready for viewing. This mammoth work, burning the candle at both ends for six weeks, whilst at the same time at my full-time day job, has now been approved by those who appear between the pages, appropriate consent having been sought from those I felt it was necessary, as a matter of courtesy.

The content of the Photobook is very detailed, drawing upon all my 1/12 Formula One model making from the 1990’s forwards to the current day with reference back through the 80’s and mid 70’s, requiring a great deal of research and photo hunting to produce an accurate record. Until the late 90’s covers the first 11 pages, then from there on for the full 70 pages high quality presentations of each main model built, comprises the rest of the book ranging from 2 to 9 pages devoted to each of the individual nine or so cars. This chronologically staged approach therefore takes ones through the evolution of model making from the James Hunt cars (Hesketh 308 and McLaren M23) right through to the Jackie Stewart Tyrrell 006/2. For the purpose of knowing where one is in time, each page is ‘year dated’ in the top left corner. In order to keep the reader/viewer further captivated, these fascinating chapters are interspersed with articles giving insight as to how the production of these models has interacted with the real F1 world e.g. meeting certain F1 personalities, groups of F1 folk, specific events etc.

The book has been viewed in the flesh and electronically by some contacts at McLaren, some F1 journalists and friends and colleagues at work. Some have asked, ‘how did you do that, I want to see some more detail’ when looking at the photos of the finished cars – fortunately for all, I have just completed a second title in the series relating to the 1972 McLaren M19C (60 pages, all the details – no effort spared!) and I hope to view a copy very soon. As soon as I am happy with that, I will post a link to that too. This would be volume 4 of about 7 and volumes 1-3 have not been written yet, the reason for this may become apparent later this week when more news on this subject is posted and put on Twitter.

This week, I hope to Tweet further details including some double page spread photos from the book to give a flavour, including a close-up of the contents page.
To view the book, follow this link. It is available to view and even purchase through Photobox at a cost of around £85-£95 by the time extras and P&P is included, although sometimes certain offers appear on their website. I have purchased some extra copies at a small discount and can therefore offer them at £70 excl P&P for Standard paper and £75 for Premium paper, to help anyone out who would like one a little less expensively.

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