Hesketh Photobook update

Volume 1 of my Photobook series will cover the wonderfully charismatic Hesketh 308, specifically James Hunt’s chassis 308/2 raced in 1975 and the winner of the Dutch Grand Prix ahead of Niki Lauda’s Ferrari 312T.
The book is about 90% complete and is likely to be 70 pages long, crammed with the usual spread of photos supported by informative text. It deals with the initial concept desire for this 1/12 scale model and the various experiences of trying to get the research data necessary to build such a model accurately – before the time when historic F1 racing was common and before I had ever set foot in an historic F1 Race Preparation workshop. Naturally it was in the earliest days of my work converting or semi scratch-building parts of cars, not to mention many of the photos were taken on 35mm film with an SLR and have needed their negatives scanning etc. I have witnessed this chassis from its first emergence from storage after 1975/6, through its historic racing period (2000’s), its appearance on the ‘Rush’ set and to its current racing ownership (where it competed in this month’s Monaco Historic Grand Prix – one day, I hope to go to this event). I have only to complete some final pages relating to its historic racing appearances and then a gallery of photos before final editing and approval for sharing on the internet via this website. Along with vol 4 (McLaren M19C), I am producing this Photobox photobook for my personal collection whilst the data is still retrievable and the memory remains keen, however should anyone wish to purchase a copy from myself, it is likely to cost the same as the others, namely £70.
When this work is done, I will need to assess how time should be apportioned between busy work and family life, the work in progress (Honda RA300 1/12) and the next book, vol 2: McLaren M23.
Ideas for the future – I have an external drive with saved video from many Goodwood Festival of Speed events and my visits to historic F1 Preparation workshops. This hard drive data has been produced for a Mac I believe and needs to be looked through and have short edited film clips (a few minutes long perhaps?) prepared and periodically released through this website to increase interest and share my experiences. At the moment, this hard drive has not even been unwrapped, let alone looked at, so if there is anyone out there with these skills and interest to help, I would be glad to hear from you.
Thanks for your interest and support. Mark

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