Videos – 1st one, ready to view!

I have published the first MRO F1 Engineering video on YouTube (see below, or search Goodwood Festival of Speed 2002, Lotus 72D).

Thank you to church friend Matthew Colclough for introducing me to video editing and his efforts over the past week or so making this aspect  successful. Thank you too, to my son Thomas who has performed his website magic again and looked after the YouTube part. My other son Philip (twins) will no doubt do his enthusiastic part encouraging from the sidelines – Phil Oakley @redbullcat.

I hope to select more short excerpts from a variety of experiences over the years and this first offering will be one of the longer ones, others being of varying lengths, some much shorter. I hope to upload others at a reasonable frequency of perhaps one a month, we’ll see how it works out.

If nothing else, this first video will whet the appetite for this year’s Festival of Speed at Goodwood in Sussex, United Kingdom, which starts Thursday this week June 26th and continues during the weekend, June 28 – 29th.

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