Hesketh 308 Photobook, out now!

After many months of research and work, Volume 1: Hesketh 308 (1975) is finished! Take a look at it here.

This has taken longer than I hoped due to the vast amount of photos, documents and other material I have had to bring together from 1997, right through to the present day (seventeen years). Many of the photographs were confined to 35mm negative SLR format and had to be scanned into digital form. There has been a variety of strands of thought coming together and running in parallel across more than a decade – the research and original inspiration, various key personnel, the model itself, the changing Race Preparation workshops looking after the car and Lord Hesketh himself. The result is a book presenting a favourite car, weaving these various concepts and experiences together to bring an interesting interaction between our hobby, the car itself and plenty of special folk involved with the car over the decades. I hope therefore you enjoy reading my account.

Should you wish to purchase a copy from myself (£70 excl P&P), drop me a line and I will make sure you receive one. The main motive for this book was to begin the series with volume 1 for my personal library (adding to Vol 4 re the 1972 McLaren M19C); additional purchases would be a bonus, not the prime purpose and I would be happy to make the extra effort acquiring them for anyone interested.

My next aim is to begin Vol 2 re the McLaren M23’s (1974 and 1976) later in the year. However, only one or two books per year is realistic, such is the workload.

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