Third Photobook, McLaren M23

This Photobook is in the closing stages of completion, due to be finished in late November hopefully. It will be available as usual on-line, as a link to Photobox.
This volume (:2), deals with the 1974 and 1976 McLaren M23’s chassis /5 and /9 respectively. Following these through from conception to completion of the models, the story of the real cars is followed from their racing days through restoration – decades later, until their current lives in frontline appearances in demonstration runs or actual racing in Historic Racing series. The text also brings these cars to life in my occasional interaction with them since the mid 1970’s, also the brief associations with the personalities who designed them, built them, raced them and now own them. The volume also serves as an opportunity to record my motorsport experiences from early years since a teenager, when first coming into contact with these iconic cars, until the early 2000’s. This Photobook presents two cars and so is over 100 pages long, much of the material being originally recorded on 35mm film, having only recently been scanned into a digital format. I look forward to the concluding work of editing, arranging a contents page and titles throughout.

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  1. Luigi Niola says:

    Hi Mark, how are you ?
    I’m so glad to know you’re going to finish your new project.
    I hope to see it as soon as possible !
    By the time I’m quite busy with expositions, contest etc, the modeling is going on.
    My best new is the ending of my second MP 4/6.
    Please, take a look of it on my website and let me know your feelings.

    All the Best

    • Mark says:

      Terrific dioramas Luigi, well worth everyone go and have a look
      The second MP4/6 is more detailed than the first even, if I’m right. When you sell, does the diorama go with the sale too?
      Well done, very inspiring each one, loved the Ferrari 312T4 too, also a proper Ligier.
      The photo book re the M23’s should be out by December, possibly late November. Not quite finished, then editing etc.
      With best wishes,

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