Volume 2: McLaren M23, (1974 and 1976) photobook available!

After many months of detailed research of the real cars and that of two 1/12 scale models made between 1998 and 2005, the photobook is finally complete and available to view on-line via Photobox, click here.
With two cars being involved, I felt I could not justify producing one photoboook for the model of the 1974 car, only to then produce a second one for the 1976 model, obliging interested readers to consider a second photobook. From the outset, a single book covering both cars was decided on, however it has been a monumental task and I had to limit it to a sensible size, enlarging the usual photo book from 60 or 70 pages to 124 pages. The cost via myself, is a little more at £95 plus P&P, rather than the usual £70 excluding P&P. However, the story of how these two models came about and the interactions with the cars themselves and the personalities around them are parallel theme. In this way, considering these cars and the models of them I have made side by side, is itself fascinating and an insight into the evolution of this ever so successful icon of Formula One racing during the era 1973-1977. Therefore, they go well together in the same photo book and I hope you will enjoy a good read and the wealth of photographs of both the real cars and the very detailed models of them. As ever, the purpose behind these photobooks has been to produce one for each model for my own library only, however I will in time accumulate a small stock of this photobook for supply to others in the future, for I can’t rely on holding such a valuable resource in the digital realm permanently (shared with all, via Photobox).
I welcome comments sent to Contact in the usual way, both by way of constructive criticism and enjoyment of the product hopefully.

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